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How global want of LGBGTIQ-aware media training lead to the victimization of two wrongfully accused friends visiting the middle east.


Things weren’t expected to go awry when Fadli and Fifi climbed into a taxi bound for Abu Dhabi’s Yas Mall. It never occurred to them that later that same day they would be sitting in a jail cell, unaware of their “crimes.”

Travel companions, Muhammad Fadli Abdul Rahman and Nur Qistina Fitriah Ibrahim, A.K.A. Fadli and Fifi respectively, were on a perfectly normal outing to find food. They had recently arrived in the UAE for one of Fadli’s freelance fashion photography jobs, Fifi had tagged along for fun. Fifi had visited to the UAE a number of times and was aware of the dangers faced by transgender women who travel to religiously conservative countries—but she never thought her actions (or lack thereof) would elicit a yearlong prison sentence.

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Reporting for NYU

A Panic Room for the Pedantic

Through an inconspicuous door just south of Houston Street is a hideaway for New York’s foremost poindexters. In the midst of the Trump era brain drain, ‘physicists, professors and the generally pedantic’ have found shelter at Caveat, a performance space and bar for The Story Collider troop. 

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"Graduate students from across New York City gathered in protest of the Republican tax reform proposal in Union Square Wednesday. Students and researchers fear that if passed, the GOP majority’s House proposal to make tuition waivers taxable could challenge their plans for academic careers.
In reaction to the threat the GOP tax reform poses on students, NYU President Andrew Hamilton sent out a university-wide memorandum on Nov. 15. In it, Hamilton condemned the Republican proposal, calling it “unwise.”..."
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"In the back corner of a vacant shop, straddling Chinatown and Tribeca, a Chinese family of six gathered for a modest meal of rice and fried bitter melon. They took their seats and were beckoned by the only son to start eating. It was a typical Chinese dinner. Relatives sat quietly clutching their dainty rice bowls. From time to time they craned forward, with nimble chopsticks, to seize pieces of melon. Nothing was out of the ordinary as they alternated chewing and chatting. Nothing was off, except for the perimeter of onlookers watching intently as each new mouthful was drawn.
This spectacle, titled “Eating Bitterness/吃苦,” was an interactive performance piece by artist and curator Luke Luokun Cheng, 26, who moonlights as a UX designer. The piece emphasizes the inter-generational dynamic of his Chinese immigrant family, half of whom survived China’s cultural revolution..."
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"Quick! Without laying a finger on your phone, could you tell me who Krishna Pandit Bhanji is? Or would you care to guess who Estelle Merle O’Brien Thompson was?
What if I told you that these two are the only Asian artists to have been nominated for or won Best Actor at the Academy Awards? Yes, even O’Brien Thompson (better known as Merle Oberon) counts. What if I called Bhanji by another name? Perhaps you’d recognize him instead as Ben Kingsley.
There’s a good chance you’re at least a little shocked, if not confused, that Kingsley and Oberon are the only leading Asian actors to have received such honors in 88 consecutive years of Academy Awards..."